NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
constanceScripts for generating (an earlier obsolete version of) my personal web site Dan Callaghan <>2014-03-30 09:11
dcallagh-exheresMy personal Exherbo repository Dan Callaghan <>2012-06-13 10:31
glibrdfGLib wrapper for the Redland RDF library Dan Callaghan <>2013-01-15 11:02
jena-springSpring integration for Jena Dan Callaghan <>2012-04-25 03:48
lucene-multilingualMultilingual enhancements for the Lucene text search library Dan Callaghan <>2014-06-17 13:31
mail-notificationFork of Jean-Yves Lefort's mail-notification, a tray icon to notify of new mail Dan Callaghan <>2010-11-08 09:47
mkinitrdinitramfs generation script, supporting lvm2 and md Dan Callaghan <>2011-06-13 01:28
stringtemplate-springSpring integration for StringTemplate Dan Callaghan <>2010-11-20 02:01
rdftemplateLibrary for generating XML documents from RDF data using templates Dan Callaghan <>2012-04-25 03:55
xmpeditGTK+ editor for XMP metadata embedded in images Dan Callaghan <>2010-11-21 00:54